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Hi, I’m Siobhan

Your personal ClickUp Consultant

I’m a Vetted ClickUp Consultant & Trainer – with a healthy obsession for organization and efficiency – here to help you leverage ClickUp so you can get back to doing what you love.

Siobhan Wheelan ClickUp Consultant

Entrepreneurs  →. create and document efficient processes using ClickUp, so you can automate and delegate mundane tasks, and stay in your zone of genius. Stop letting your business run you and start running your business!

Small business managers  →  increase revenue by streamlining your workflows and communication to skyrocket team productivity. Set goals, track KPIs, manage workload and get a real-time view into your operations… so you can stop micro-managing and start driving revenue.

Personal productivity seekers  →  cut the chaos and finally organize your personal, home and family life – and that never-ending to-do list – so you can find balance and create space for doing what you love.

Vetted ClickUp Consultant, Siobhan Wheelan
Vetted ClickUp Consultant, Siobhan Wheelan


To help you cut through the noise and focus on the features that matter to your unique use case. 



I’ll be your ClickUp sidekick available to answer all of your burning questions.



Working with clients across a variety of industries. My background in operations, sales & marketing within the hospitality industry, gives me a unique perspective.


With a background in luxury travel & hospitality and sales & marketing, high-touch, quality service is second nature to me.


I LOVE figuring things out. I’m one of those people that loves a good puzzle, the stranger the use-case the better, throw it at me!


I’m dedicated to helping you blow your goals out of the water! We won’t just meet deadlines, I want to help you crush your goals in life and in business!

About Me

Hey, I’m Siobhan, self-proclaimed organization and efficiency nerd.

… and let’s just get this out of the way… it’s pronounced “Shi-vawn”, but don’t worry if you say it wrong, I’m used to it! (There’s nothing like a traditional Irish name in the Gaelic language to give kids an easy start to playground social dynamics… thanks mom and dad!)

As a Napa Valley native, service and hospitality run in my veins. But my life isn’t just sipping wine and strolling through vineyards on sunny days. I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the hospitality and travel industry, from resort operations to sales and marketing.

So how did I come about ClickUp? It started with the most impactful event in my life.

When I gave birth to my son, Owen, my world was turned upside down, and inside out. He was born with a rare birth defect that would affect any manner of routine for the rest of the foreseeable and unforeseeable future.

The ideal routine necessary to care for his specific needs was beyond hope in the beginning, as any “medical mama” knows. And the endless applications, alarms, and to-do lists on my phone just weren’t cuttin’ it. I had to make a drastic change for my beloved family and my dwindling sanity.

I tried so many different apps, and FINALLY, I found ClickUp. I was able to seamlessly integrate all of my son’s care needs and my household tasks so I could finally get it out of my head, stop worrying about my never-ending to-do list, and spend more time enjoying life.

Before long, I started implementing ClickUp in my work life as well, seeing the huge impact a proper project management tool makes on personal productivity and team dynamics.

I’m such a huge fan, that I started helping other consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs implement ClickUp in their own businesses and personal lives. So when ClickUp launched their official “Vetted Consultant” program I jumped at the opportunity, and am honored to be an extension of their team.

I’m passionate about helping people find balance in their life by organizing the chaos to make room for the joy.

From my clients

Siobhan was so helpful in getting my business up and running. As a solopreneur, the amount of time it was taking to research, plan and implement my systems was overwhelming. Siobhan helped me cut through the noise and focus on what was important. She implemented ClickUp for me to keep track of my administrative tasks, so I could focus more time on the fun part of my business. 

Angie DenBeste

Owner, Pure Radiant Spa

Siobhan is professional, task oriented, a superb organizer, diligent, hardworking, and a great asset to any team. She has been responsible for streamlining some of our internal systems and planning processes that have resulted in greater efficiency and productivity. Siobhan always demonstrated good interpersonal skills in training the sales team on these new systems and when working with our clients. I highly recommend Siobhan and the services she can provide.

Rebecca Slater

Founder & Owner, Rebecca Recommends

I’ve worked with Siobhan on a couple of projects now for different clients. Siobhan takes the time to understand the business and team dynamics and presented very thoughtful ways to set up and streamline workflows and communication. I highly recommend her!

Cheryl Winters

Marketing Consultant

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Why ClickUp?

Are you wondering why I love ClickUp? Or maybe you’re thinking “What the hell is ClickUp?”
Don’t worry, I’ve got answers!

How can I help?

How can my ClickUp expertise help you? Or maybe you’re thinking, why do I need to hire a consultant? Let me show you how I can save you time, money, and a bit of your sanity!

More resources

I’ll be sharing lots of tips, tricks and use cases to help you on your ClickUp journey. Take a look at these resources I’ve compiled for you.

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