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Why ClickUp?

I am obsessed with organization and efficiency, so having a task and project management tool that ticks all the boxes makes me happy.  I’ve tried so many different tools and platforms in my professional and personal life, but most of the time they just fell short of the mark. When I finally found ClickUp I knew we were a match made in heaven. I love that I can customize it to my heart’s content.

ClickUp is one of the most powerful and flexible project management tools available. In fact “project management tool” just really doesn’t do it justice. No matter what your use case or industry, ClickUp can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Streamline Workflows

Documenting your processes in ClickUp, using templates to create consistency and structure, setting automations to handle routine tasks… pure ClickUp magic!

Improve Productivity

With ClickUp as your mission control center, you’ll be able to set goals and priorities, track workload and resources, and delegate effectively.

Communicate Effectively

Move out of your email inbox and into a collaborative, real-time project management system where everyone on your team will know WHO needs to do WHAT by WHEN.

Save Time

Administrative tasks steal time away from revenue generating activities. Spend less time working ON your business and more time GROWING your business.

Increase Revenue

Time is money, and you’ll have more of both when you have a system that works FOR you!

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Understand the ClickUp hierarchy – Workspaces, Spaces, Folders, Lists, Tasks and Subtasks. I’m here to answer the age old question “should my clients be a list or a folder?”


List, board, calendar, gantt, workload, timeline, table, mind map… so many views to choose from. Learn how to maximize your views with filters and grouping to see high-level or more granular views of your tasks.

Migration from other Platforms

Have you outgrown your current platform? We can easily import everything right into ClickUp to get you up and running quickly.

SOPs & Documentation

Policies, procedures, knowledgebases, wikis, and manuals – all in ClickUp! First, document your processes, then save them using ClickUp’s template function and recurring tasks to save time, ensure consistency, train staff and delegate effectively!

Complete Customization

Build ClickUp into your own mission control center. Tailor spaces, folders and lists with custom fields, statuses, tags, filters, layouts and more to create your own personal workspace.


Reduce time spent on adminstrative tasks and data entry. Whether we use ClickUp’s native integrations, the handy embed feature, Zapier, Integromat or Integrately, connecting all of your SaaS apps together keeps everyone up to date across platforms.


From automatically assigning a team member based on pipeline stage, to sending reminder emails, using ClickUp’s native and external integrations to automate repetitive and reoccuring tasks is a powerful way to save time and money.

Capacity & Workload

Manage your team resources efficiently. Quickly see who is underassigned and who is overloaded, so you can reassign your tasks and workload for maximum productivity.

CRM & Sales Pipelines

Set up a light CRM to track leads through your sales pipeline. Then use automations to powerup your process, communicate efficiently, nuture your clients, and increase your revenue.


Reporting & Dashboards

From resource management and team meetings to revenue reports and goal tracking, Dashboards can provide a completely customized, real-time view into your business operations.

Team & Guest Collaboration

Using ClickUp’s advanced permissions to assign roles, access, guest functionality and appropriate public sharing, it is easy to collaborate effectively. Using comments, chat views, assignees and sharing, your team will stay on target and eliminate the needless flow of emails..

Home, Inbox & Favorites

Using ClickUp’s Inbox, Home and Favorites features allow you and your team to get a personalized panoramic view of what is most important to you.

Data Collection

Using ClickUp Forms, we can create simple, publicly available surveys, intake and request forms, ticketing systems and automatic data collection. Then use this data to feed dashboard analytics, automate followup and gain insight into your customers and team members.

Goals, Milestones & Portfolios

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” We’ve all heard the saying, but putting it into practice is a different story. Stepping out of the chaos and taking the time to create actionable goals for your self and your business, then developing a system to hold yourself and your team accountable… hello ClickUp!

Time Tracking

Use ClickUp’s native time tracker or integrate with a dedicated tool to track time by client, task, project and team member. Whether you use time tracking for payroll or invoicing, you gain valuable insight into your team’s productivity and your workflow efficiency (and inefficencies!) so you can strategize and redirect to revenue generating activities.

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